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       تنبية هام يوم الاحد القادم (8/6/2041) يوم عمل فى المدرسة وليس اجازة وسوف يتم تحرك الباص الخاص بالطلا ب الثانوية العامه الساعة الثامنة والنصف صباحا من امام باب المدرسه
       You are kindly requested to contact the tablet company (every Sunday & Wednesday) at the school to get the tab. & Software before end of June.
       Dear parents You are kindly requested to contact the tablet company (every Sunday & Wednesday) at the school to get the tab. & Software before end of June. The system will be applied next year for all prep. One & Two students without any excluded
       Dear parents Kindly be informed that Sec.3 students should come to school next Sunday 18/5/2014 to receive their Seat Number. نرجو من طلبة الصف الثالث الثانوى الحضور يوم الأحد الموافق 18/5/2014 لاستلام أرقام الجلوس الخاصة بهم
       السادة أولياء الأمور نفيد سيادتكم علماً بأن اخر موعد لحجز باص المدرسة للعام الجديد 2014/2015 هو يوم الأحد الموافق 17/8/2014 للطلاب المشاركين حالياً أو الجدد (ولا يؤخذ بالقوائم القديمة)
       Dear parents The English A.L exam will be on Tuesday 22/4/2014 for Prim.1 and on Monday 28/4/2014 for Prim.2,3,4,5 and 6 Good luck
       The last day for KG's section ( Nursery & KG1 & KG2 ) will be on 30 - 4 - 2014
       Dear parents,We would like to inform you that the school departure will be at 1:00 pm for KGs , 1:30 pm for Sec.stages and 1:45 pm for Prim. and Prep. stages starting from next Sunday 13 - 4 - 2014
       There will be Poliomylitis for KGs on 6th of April and lasts for 4 day.
       Dear Parents , there will be a vaccine (EL Thonae) for prim. 4 on Sunday and Monday 30,31/3 Please sign the note we sent with your child with your approval or disapproval and send it back before that date . Thanks
       السادة أولياء الأمور برجاء مراجعة الحسابات لدفع القسط الثانى من المصاريف المدرسية
       على طلاب الصف الثالث الثانوى سرعة التوجه لشئون الطلبة بالمدرسة و تسليم أربع صورة شخصية بالزى المدرسى مقاس 4 * 6
       تعلن مدارس رويال يجب على طلاب الثانوية العامة سرعة الحضور الى المدرسة لملىء استمارة الامتحانات و استلام الرقم السرى و تسليم 6 صور شخصية 4 * 6 و دفع مصروفات الاستمارة
       تتشرف أسرة التربية الرياضية باعلان مواعيد بطولة السباحة للجمهورية - بنات ثانوى يومى 2 ، 3 مارس 2014 اعدادى يومى 4 ، 5 مارس 2014 ابتدائى يوم 6 مارس 2014 و ذلك فى نادى الزمالك و على الطالبات التواجد داخل حمام السباحة الساعة 8:00 صباحاً
       تم تصوير برنامج مسابقات لطلاب مدارس رويال الدولية و سيتم الاذاعة على القناة الفضائية المصرية فى تمام الساعة الحادية عشر صباحا يوم السبت الموافق 1 / 2 /2014 .
       A competition program was filmed between the students in Royal International School and it will be broadcasted at 11:00 am on Saturday 1 / 2 / 2014 on the Egyptian satellite channel .
       Mid-Yaer Reports for Primary 1,2,3 and 4 Stages
       Dear parents : *we would like to inform you that the end of the first term will be on Tuesday 31 \ 12 \ 2013 . Thanks
       There will be parents meeting on Thursday 5-12-2013
       Funday Invitation on Thursday 5/12/2013 at 9:00 till 2:00
       Prim.3 First Mid-Term Covered materials
       Prim.2 First Mid-Term Covered materials
       Prim.1 First Mid-Term Covered Materials
       Prim. 6-E timetable
       Prim. 6-D timetable
       Prim. 6-C timetable
       Prim. 6-B timetable
       Prim. 6-A timetable
       Prim. 5-E timetable
       Prim. 5-D timetable
       Prim. 5-C timetable
       Prim. 5-B timetable
       Prim. 5-A timetable
       Prim. 4-E timetable
       Prim. 4-D timetable
       Prim. 4-C time table
       Prim. 4-B timetable
       Primary 4 - A timetable
       School rules (2013-2014)for Prim 4,5,6
       School needs 2013-2014 for Prim. 1,2,3
       Primary 1 meeting on 18 - 9 -2013
       School needs for Prim.6 (2013-2014)
       School needs for Prim.5 (2013,2014)
       School needs for Prim.4 (2013-2014)
       Welcome back to school, the starting date of the studying will be as the following Schedule
       تغيير الزى المدرسى
       سداد المصروفات الدراسية فى بنك بلوم

About RILS

Royal International School (RILS) has been established in 2002-2003, in 6 0f October city and is built on a 12,800 sq. meter site.

  • We started our school with one building contains two floors, one for administration and the other for classes.
  • There was also a play yard, computer lab, art room.
  • The total number of the student who enrolled in the school when we started was 81 students starting from kindergarten to preparatory stages.

The next year (2003-2004) , we added another floor that can cover the capacity of our students which reached more than 250 students including secondary stage students.

  • In the fourth year, The capacity of the school reached 400 students, so we added another two buildings.
  • Increasing enrollment, the school opened another building and, with the growth in enrollment came the expansion,
    services, programs and activities.
  • The school has grown since its inception with a peak enrollment of 1400 students occurring in the 2010-2011 school year.

  • This year (2010-2011) The school contains four buildings with four floors, these buildings have about 65 spacious, well ventilated and fully equipped classrooms from Pre-School to secondary stage, KG - Swimming pool, a full-service cafeteria, completely equipped three computer labs and two science laboratories, a library, a clinic, facilities for music and art, and gymnasium.
  • The school now offers a National & French section from kindergarten stage (3.6 year olds) to Secondary stage (18 year olds).

The school prides itself on being one of the best schools in 6 of October city,
and after 10 years enjoys a highly excellent reputation for successful quality education.

RILS active students & teachers

We are proud of our active students and teachers, and we would like to honor them for their great efforts.